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I'm in the interviewing/research phase of developing this documentary. More about that later, but for right now I just want you to know that I'm in a certain phase of development and that the story has taken on a life of its own.

Much like children, we birth out an idea or a concept. Once it receives life (or plans which make it marketable) the idea takes on a life of its own. It may bend in a certain direction. It may morph into a theme you didn't expect. Very similar to children who develop personalities that differ from their immediate family's norm...or physical attributes from another generation. It's yours, you birthed it, you love it and you nurture it. But like children, just consider that your project may have go in a totally different direction. The idea I birthed with a good friend has grown three times larger and more interesting than the original concept. The documentary now stretches from Eastern Europe to College Park, Ga. I'm not shocked, though. Just in awe of how God allows His plans and purposes to creatively nudge us. Once we act upon these creative impulses, He most certainly takes over and the project(s) once again is turned over to Him.

I'm excited. I'm humbled. I'm living my dreams.

Birth your project and then let it breathe.

Trust me.


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