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All of My Cool Attitude You Took

I attempted to write the afternoon that he died. I attempted to write over the weekend, but then I heard that he was cremated. Between it hitting me that he was truly gone, and all of the repeats of "Let's Go Crazy," "Pop Life," "Automatic," Pink Cashmere," "Adore," "Alphabet Street," "Scandalous," "If I Was Your Girlfriend," "Starfish and Coffee," and "I Would Die 4 U"...and CNN and Purple Rain on BET, VH1 and in my ears...I couldn't write.

Everything has already been said. Every regret of never making it to a Paisley Park party or the last show here in Atlanta has been felt.

He was the soundtrack of the first 40 years of my life.

He was brilliantly talented to mash up the sound of an electric guitar, drums, keyboards and violins over lyrics that pointed to the bliss of relationships and the reality of God (among other things.*cough*).

We realized too late that he stood in a league all by himself. My first tear? When Google changed their logo purple and added darts of rain. Remember when cities across the globe donned their landmarks purple as their citizens grieved and danced in the streets?

He was a gift that we took for granted. His artistry and the humble way he used the resources that God gave him is a testament in itself. Say or feel what you want, but this loss hurts because we now know that we may never see this type of talent again in our lifetime.

Take your rest, sir. All of my cool attitude you took in life, and now you have taken it again with your untimely passing.

Prince Rogers Nelson

1958 - 2016

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