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Gotta start the laundry.

Return a call.

Go to the store.

Wash the dishes.

Read a chapter of...whatever.

These are all excuses that I hear in my head every time I need to write. But I fight against these excuses because I had a revelation about this so-called gift of writing.

You're probably reading this blog because you're procrastinating from your manuscript/script/poem/article. I could be wrong...but I think I might be right.

Writing is a muscle that must be exercised daily. The easiest way to get flabby in your skills is to think about writing, read books about writing, talk to people about writing and ask someone what they think about your idea. You know, the idea that God gave to you to bring forth to the public?

Listen, everyone is busy but there is a story inside of you that needs to come out. Your character's story needs to be told and a resolution to your character's issue/conflict needs to be broadcast. Someone will be inspired, changed, motivated and comforted by something that you write. We don't read to be entertained. There's enough TV for that...we read to think and to be inspired. We read because we want change. What a responsibility, huh?

Don't allow your emotions or your circumstances to block you. It's time to set aside at least 30 minutes a day to write. It may be hard at first but your body will train itself to adjust. You just have to show it (your body) that this is the new schedule.

Someone is waiting on what you will create. If you don't create it, God will give the idea to someone else. They might take it and run with it. How would you feel to see your idea out there and know that you aren't attached to it because you weren't disciplined?

This thing is bigger than you. Stop procrastinating and go write something.

Create Responsibly,


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