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Ego Kills the Draft

The first draft of anything isn't necessarily your best draft. It's raw, crude, without a lot of plot form and may even be junk.

You know, something you really shouldn't turn in for a grade or for publication.

I have found through my writing and development executive career that a lot of people consider the old adage that "all babies are beautiful." Whatever they create is worthy of center stage, unflawed and poised to motivate and inspire.

Uh, no.

The reality is that egos have killed more drafts than cheesecake meeting a diet. Just because it sounds witty or pays homage to the only woman who said you indeed were smart, kind and important doesn't mean that it will move a crowd...or your agent...or your mama. Write whatever is in your heart and then put it down for a couple hours. Maybe even a day. Come back to it and read it when your mind is sharp. Make your changes and pass it to someone who doesn't work for you or share DNA. Your readers will thank you!

Writing is often like baking. Most people will not tell you the truth the first time you mess up the birthday cake. Check your ego and find someone honest enough to tell you the opening stinks, the storyline sank and the ending crumbles.

You'll thank me later...

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