Late Bloomers

I'm a late bloomer on some disciplines.

I tried to keep a diary but only stuck with it for about three or four days before I began to visualize how I would explain the contents if it was ever found. So I ditched the beautiful books or reused them as prayer journals/dream journals.

But the thoughts and ideas that make "Autumn" were always held within or spilled over the phone to a trusted friend. A couple years ago, someone recommended that I start a blog. I laughed. I mean, I'm not sure if it was a laugh or a scoff. I discounted it and moved on to another topic. I've always taken pride in being private. I'm as pentecostal as they come, but the last time I received a prophecy at church...I whispered to the Man of God later in a hallway..."you could have sent me a direct message on twitter, ha?" So, I can tell that I'm stretching...growing...changing. I started out writing about writing tips and now I feel a release to share a bit more. But let's be clear...I'm a late writing bloomer. I'm not crazy.

There's a ray of light in this, though. As I begin to blog and write about more things I hope to encourage someone. I can't stand to read pointless drivel and I don't want to ever produce it. I think maturity will keep this blog balanced as it evolves. The rest of the balance will just come from basic human nature. Late bloomers are usually much more selective in what they do and how they do things. They've had time to observe the way things work in life and the way things fly towards success or crash and burn in failure.

Let's walk through this together. Time to get some things off my chest. Hopefully, I will never shame my mother or myself or God. Or the friend who told me to blog one night so many years ago.

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