I have never been one to sit on my hands and watch the grass grow. In fact, I was raised to think proactively about everything that concerns "me" and what I have been left responsible for in life. That can go in a myriad of directions without further explanation, however, I'm assuming that you get the point.

Remaining idle is never a good idea.

So I realized that I haven't blogged in a month (or more) of Sundays and I have no further explanation, other than...I've been busy.

Almosts. Dones. Dids. Have tos. Make sures....and everything in between. It all happened. I traveled, I cried, I laughed, I danced, I worshipped and I continued to write and create things that I hope to see materialize in 2015. I didn't blog during this time because I was busy creating dreams and just busy with busy. I'm not suggesting that all days were sunshine and marshmallows. Some days made me want to pull my hair out or not get out of bed. But isn't that life?

Listen, you're going to have days and (apparently) weeks when you don't want to talk about everything that you're doing or everything that you're going through. The important thing to remember is that you owe yourself at least 1-2 hours a day. During those 60-120 minutes, make sure you work on the bigger picture or the dream you've always wanted. Maybe you'll tell someone about it...and maybe you won't. But, between the responsibilities (have to and make sures), you must write and you must create.

You're a writer...and it's what we do.

Happy Saturday!

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